Website for Lawnbott of the Great Lakes

Website for Lawnbott Great Lakes , a Waunakee dealer for cool little robotic lawn mowers.

I love the look of the little mowers; they're like tiny Italian sports cars from an art deco advertising poster.

This website is a WordPress site built using a customized Bootstrap template (original template developed by Rachel Baker).

This site was developed for The Creative Company. I concentrated on the layout, user experience design and all the coding and markup. KT Arneson did the aesthetic design.

Promotional email for The Creative Company

One of many, many promotional emails designed for The Creative Company.

These "email blast" pieces present a number of design and development challenges.

Email clients such as Outlook, Gmail and Apple Mail handle markup very differently from browsers— and from one another. A piece that looks great in Gmail can absolutely fall apart in Outlook.

Creating a successful piece requires creativity and knowledge of both markup and design principles. And lots of testing!

Website for the Sauk City Public Library

Website for Sauk City Public Library. Ben Miller, Library Director, wanted:

  • an attractive library website
  • that works on phones and other devices
  • that he could update easily.

I designed and developed a custom WordPress site for the library using the Skeleton responsive framework. Along the way, I also designed a new logo for the library.

Website for Nurturing Ways, LLC

Website for Nurturing Ways, LLC. Yvonne Hiebert is an infant massage expert and trainer.

In additon to designing and developing this site, I also took most of the photographs! Gallery below: