Fermentation Fest Visitors Guide

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The Fermentation Fest is an arts and sustainable food event that takes place each fall in Sauk County, Wisconsin. When the Fest began in 2010, I was fortunate to work with Donna Neuwirth and the staff on a number of projects — the website, the visitor guide, branding, marketing and lots more.

I designed and developed a multi-page visitors guide for the Fest for several years (although all the ads were designed and developed by other designers).

In addition, I developed an advertising spec sheet to give to potential advertisers.

I absolutely LOVED working on this guide (and the Fermentation Fest as a whole) each year. It included all the things I adore:

  • Maps. My dad is a geologist, and when I was a kid he had his office in our basement. A large part of his work involved drawing maps to show people where oil or natural gas deposits might be. I used to sit in his office and copy maps with colored pencils, and I love maps to this day.
  • Usability Challenges. The Fermentation Fest includes 30 or so classes and events and a 50-mile loop of outdoor art installations. Explaining that to visitors, and helping them navigate the Fest, was challenging. But I love organizing information. Great project!
  • Beer. Cheese. Kraut. I love fermented food.

In 2014, however, I turned the project over to another designer—my workload at The Creative Company didn’t me to take two solid weeks to work on the project.

Poster for the 2010 Fermentation Fest

Another example of the many collateral pieces I designed for the Fest over the years.

I came up with the concept for this poster, and even took the photograph of the bottle with the fermented foods in it.

I took dozens of shots the get the right beer, pickle, cheese and bread arrangement. Had to drink a few beers and eat a few pickles as I was doing so. But I’m always willing to go the extra mile.

Fermentation Fest poster

Vote Fermentation collateral

Vote Fermentation Collateral

In 2012, the Fermentation Fest took a cue from the current events, and we designed a few election-themed items to sell in the gift shops. Donna Neuwirth, Fest Director, helped with the design and concept for this project.