What a pleasure to design and develop this website

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It is a pleasure to develop a website with great designers, like the people at RS+K.

RS+K has been making cool and beautiful things for 40 years, so we had a very deep well of amazing work to choose from.

But it had been quite a few years since the RSK had refreshed its website – the old one was built using Flash – so the redo was major. We started all over.

The home page features scrolling animation and a cool animation loop (actually an ever-playing gif). The inside pages feature examples of RSK’s great work over the years. I love how it turned out.

Below are thumbnail links to a couple of the the portfolio pages in the site. Click through to see more!

Coloring book portfolio page thumbnail
Gilson app portfolio page thumbnail

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Link to Thermo Fisher Scientific coloring book portfolio page »

Screenshot of RSK website