Visit the Cat Sweater Store ┬╗

Between 2012 and 2015, I took some classes in the Madison College Information Technology department. At that point professionally, I was coding things every day and I wanted to understand more about what I was doing. I took a series of Javascript, PHP and mySQL classes because they interfaced well with my WordPress developer career track.

The Cat Sweater Store is my final for an Advanced PHP class. We were to create an e-commerce site using WordPress. We were allowed to use the very robust and popular WooCommerce  e-commerce to complete our project, but I wanted actually practice writing PHP code to interact with databases.

So I made this website, and wrote the code to interact with the payment system myself. With it you can create a user and buy pretend cat sweaters. It takes users to a PayPal “sandbox” environment and back to the site with an order confirmation when the transaction is complete. No actual money changes hands in this sandbox environment, but information is passed from PayPal back to the website’s database. Mission accomplished!

Just a head’s up:

  • This website is not encrypted so please use caution before testing.
  • PayPal’s sandbox environment works best when your browser is in “Incognito Mode” – random sessions and cookies can interfere with performance.



Cat sweater store website screenshot